The application of systems analysis to a problem of county amalgamation : the proposed amalgamation of Kairanga, Kiwitea, Manawatu, Oroua and Pohangina counties : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Geography at Massey University

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Massey University
Throughout New Zealand County Councils are endeavouring to fulfil various designated functions without imposing an increasing rate burden on their ratepayers. Rising costs of county operation have confronted a number of county councils with prospects of reduced expenditure on development, rate increases, greater efforts to secure more subsidies and reorganisation of county operations so that available money goes further. The last alteration has often taken the form of an amalgamation between counties In the Manawatu area the counties of Kairanga, Kiwitea, Manawatu, Oroua and Pohangina, undertook an investigation of the desirability of amalgamation, An independent investigation was recommended as a suitable thesis topic by Mr P.G.R. Saunders of the Geography Department, Massey University. After a preliminary study of the county investigation it was decided to examine in detail aspects that would not be covered by the counties. only a few studies have so far been carried out on examples of county amalgamation. Those were comparative and descriptive studies that failed to provide factual evidence either for or against amalgamation. It was, therefore, necessary to find an approach that would assist the compilation of analytical evidence about any proposed amalgamation.
New Zealand Manawatu, System analysis, Regional planning districts, County government