The teaching of interpersonal relationship skills by using the programmed instructional method : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education at Massey University

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Massey University
This thesis examines the acquisition of interpersonal skills by a sample of undergraduate students enrolled in the education course at Massey University. A programmed text developed by the experimenter, was used to train the subjects in these skills. Three groups, two experimental and one control, with eight subjects each served as the sample for the study. The first experimental group worked with a programmed text, a tutor and audio-visual materials. The second experimental group, worked with the programmed text alone. The third, acting as a control group, did not have any materials or training sessions. It was expected that the second experimental group with only a programmed text would develop as effective interpersonal skills as the first group, without the addition of audio-visual resources and a tutor. Analysis of the data revealed that the subjects in the first experimental group showed the greatest improvement in interpersonal skills. The second experimental group had significantly better results than the control group but nevertheless was inferior to the first experimental group. It was concluded that whilst the most productive means of inculcating communication skills was by the interaction of a programmed text, a tutor and audio-visual materials, a programmed text alone was of value in developing interpersonal skills.
Interpersonal relations -- Study and teaching, Programmed instruction