A study of management selection practices in New Zealand : submitted in partial fulfillment towards the degree of Masters in Business Studies at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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Management selection is perhaps the most important personnel function of any organisation.¹The term "management selection" refers to the selection of managers of all levels in an organisation. The selection methods to be identified are applicable for the selection of junior, middle or senior level managers. For it is the managers who will largely determine the success or otherwise of an organisation. Therefore it is important that an organisation should select its managers using a reliable and valid selection procedure. A literature review of the personnel practices indicates that no study has been reported about the management selection methods used by New Zealand organisations. To fill in this information gap, a mail questionnaire survey was carried out. Of central importance to any selection method is the ability to assess the qualities or characteristics required of managers for successful job performance. What are the qualities the New Zealand personnel manager regards as important for an aspiring manager to suceed? The research attempts to provide some answers to this question. [From Preface]
New Zealand Executives, Recruiting, Personnel management