Dynamical system of phytoplankton and dissolved nutrient interaction : a thesis presented to Mathematics Department of Massey University, New Zealand, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics

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The first step in modelling the dynamics of phytoplankton and dissolved nutrient interaction made use of a simple model called The N-P model. This model was extracted from Busenberg et al [2]. Results from the analysis were obtained. Laboratory experiments were set up and from the observations the process of conversion of the dead phytoplankton occurred after a certain number of time delay. Moreover, from the data obtained the populations of these interactive components behaved in oscillatory mode. This was believed to happen due to the presence of a third component called the dead phytoplankton. All these experimental results did not agree with the results obtained from the analysis. Thus a new model was then formulated, called the N-P-D model. A unit function with the delay-time and the dead phytoplankton (D) were included. Analysis were made and results compared.
Water quality bioassay, Mathematical models, Eutrophication, Phytoplankton