Investigating a group of New Zealand leaders : their roots of, routes to, and routines in leadership : a ... research report ... presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Management at Massey University

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Massey University
Zaleznik (1977) addressing “Development of leadership” in Managers and leaders: Are they different? states that, “The development of every person begins in the family . . . Also, beyond early childhood, the patterns of development that affect managers and leaders involve the selective influence of particular people (p.75). This leads to a position of leadership that he earlier suggested, “inevitably requires using power to influence the thoughts and actions of people” (p.67). These stages of leadership correspond with the roots of leadership, the routes to leadership, and the routines in leadership, investigated in this research project. These were drawn, with some modification, from research conducted by Sinclair and Wilson (2002) into leadership in the Australian setting. Having observed the impact of leadership, or the lack of, in both work and community settings, I was interested to investigate what led to a person becoming a leader, and what they thought they did in that role. It was only near the end of my literature review that I came across Sinclair and Wilson’s work and their use of qualitative research for investigating leadership. I have modelled my research project on theirs, to investigate the development and practises of a group of leaders in the New Zealand setting.
Leadership, New Zealand, Roots, Routes, Routines