Strategic management practice : a case study of the Port of Taurange Ltd : a 152.787 (75 point) thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Studies at Massey University

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The development, implementation, and results of strategic initiatives are important issues for organisations, and become critical when radical changes occur in the business environment. In the period 1989 to 1992 legislation was introduced to reform the New Zealand ports sector. The scope of the reforms was extensive and has influenced business operations in this sector over the past decade. This thesis reports a study carried out to identify strategic initiatives taken by Port of Tauranga Ltd to respond to those changes. Two particular strategic initiatives were investigated: the development of container port facilities at Sulphur Point, Tauranga, and Metroport, Auckland. A case study research approach was adopted. Multiple research methods were used to gather information for the study and to analyse the results. Preliminary studies were carried out in 1999 to identify research issues. An experience survey was designed to gather a range of perspectives from people with knowledge and experience of the company. Documents and records were analysed to track strategies conceived and implemented by the company in the research period. Experiences of Port of Baltimore in establishing container port facilities were reviewed; issues and trends relevant to this research study were identified. The analysis revealed congruence with some theoretical aspects of strategic management. Strategic intentions were identified in relation to business initiatives. Outcomes were assessed and conclusions were reached about whether expectations for Sulphur Point and Metroport were realised. The innovative nature of these developments was examined and has relevance for strategic management practice.
Port of Tauranga Limited, Strategic planning, New Zealand, Tauranga District, Case studies