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    Xiao, J-H; Yue, Z; Jia, L-Y; Yang, X-H; Niu, L-H; Wang, Z; Zhang, P; Sun, B-F; He, S-M; Li, Z; Xiong, T-L; Xin, W; Gu, H-F; Wang, B; Werren, JH; Murphy, RW; Wheeler, D; Niu, L-M; Ma, G-C; Tang, T; Bian, S-N; Wang, N-X; Yang, C-Y; Wang, N; Fu, Y-G; Li, W-Z; Yi, SV; Yang, X-Y; Zhou, Q; Lu, C-X; Xu, C-Y; He, L-J; Yu, L-L; Chen, M; Zheng, Y; Wang, S-W; Zhao, S; Li, Y-H; Yu, Y-Y; Qian, X-J; Cai, Y; Bian, L-L; Zhang, S; Wang, J-Y; Yin, Y; Xiao, H; Wang, G-H; Yu, H; Wu, W-S; Cook, JM; Wang, J; Huang, D-W