Deposit License Summary

Summary of Deposit Licence for Massey University's digital repository for research currently called Massey Research Online and located at

Work deposited and stored in Massey Research Online (MRO) is restricted to Research Outputs created by members of Massey University including journal articles, conference papers, research/technical reports, or other research materials. See the Content policy for more information

Your Rights and Conditions of Deposit

By depositing the Work in Massey University's digital repository for research, Massey Research Online, I grant Massey University a nonexclusive licence to copy, translate to any medium or format (for the purpose of preservation or migration), and/or communicate the Work (including the abstract) worldwide in electronic format in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Full Deposit Licence and the University's Regulations.

In granting the license I understand that:

  • I am free to publish the Work in its present version or future versions elsewhere, and no ownership is assumed by Massey University when storing a digital copy of the Work;
  • If copyright has already been assigned to a publisher, Massey Research Online administrators will only communicate or make available the Work in accordance with the publisher's copyright conditions;
  • Once the Work is uploaded to Massey Research Online a citation will always remain visible. As the copyright owner, or with the express authorisation of the copyright owner, I will retain the right to update it;
  • Massey Research Online administrators may keep more than one copy of the Work for purposes of security, backup and preservation;
  • I may request that the Work be removed from Massey Research Online;
  • Massey University may remove the Work from Massey Research Online without notice for professional, legal or administrative reasons.

I agree as follows

  • I have the authority to make this agreement as copyright owner, or with the express authorisation of the copyright owner, and hereby give Massey University's Massey Research Online administrators the right to make the Work available in the way described above.
  • The Work does not breach the privacy of any third party or contain defamatory, offensive or unlawful matter.
  • All content has been properly acknowledged, and either:
    1. (a)the Work does not infringe the copyright of any other person, or
    2. (b)I have obtained written permission to use any other person's copyright material.
  • Massey Research Online administrators are under no obligation to defend or take legal action on my behalf, or on behalf of any other rights holder(s) if the Work breaches intellectual property rights, or is otherwise subject to legal dispute.
  • If the Work is based upon work that has been sponsored or funded by an entity other than Massey University, I represent that the use of the Work as set out in this licence does not infringe the intellectual property rights of the entity.
  • I have read and agree to be bound by the Full Deposit Licence terms and conditions.