File Formats

This policy relates to the types of files that may be accepted as content in the repository.

Recommended file formats are listed below. Other formats may be considered after consultation with library. Please contact the Library for further information.

The Library reserves the right to alter the format of deposited work, translate or copy the work, to any medium, if deemed necessary for preservation and enduring accessibility. However for theses the version of record for preservation and archival purposes remains the copy submitted on disk by the student.

Please remember to provide thesis files in as few segments as possible as per the Guide to the Presentation of Theses.

Text Files
Text files must be in either Microsoft Office Word compatible or Adobe PDF format. The documents must not be secured in any way as this prevents the repackaging of the document for the repository.

Audio-Visual Files
The recommended formats for audio and video files are:


AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV,F4V (Flash), MP4

Digital Sheet Music (Scores)
The recommended formats for digital sheet music files are:

SIB (Sibelius), Finale files

Please provide any digital sheet music files (such as Sibelius or Finale files) in a PDF format as well. Only the PDF file will be added to the repository, not the other file formats.