Stepping into one another's world: Apprenticeships - Transforming engineering technologist education in New Zealand

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Massey University, New Zealand
The authors have been contracted to advise the Tertiary Education Commission on the viability of apprenticeship models to educate degree level engineering technologists. We have conducted a literature review of learning models that have high levels of employer involvement, supplemented by interviews with tertiary providers involved in delivering new degree apprenticeships. We have found that there has been a resurgence of apprenticeships as a model for delivering higher education. The challenges of the future require engineering graduates to be more rounded individuals than those educated through traditional means. Apprenticeships deliver this more rounded engineer. Two key findings are the need for effective collaboration between employers and educationalists at the design and planning stage, and clear pathways to higher levels of education. Employers have to be in the driving seat, specifying degree standards that are outcome-based and occupation-driven. We have endorsed apprenticeships as a viable learning model for educating engineering technologists and have provided recommendations to the Tertiary Education Commission for establishing new degrees in New Zealand based on an apprenticeship learning model.
Stepping into one another's world: Apprenticeships - Transforming Engineering Technologist Education in New Zealand, 2015, pp. 1 - 47 (48)