Sleep pattern disruption of flight attendants operating on the Asia–Pacific route

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Jet lag is a common issue with flight attendants in international flights, as they have to cross several time zones back and forth, while their sleep patterns get disrupted by the legally required rest times between flights, which are normally carried out at different locations. This research aimed to investigate the sleep quality of a sample of flight attendants operating between New Zealand and Asia. Twenty flight attendants were surveyed in this research. The research found that flight attendants typically took a nap immediately after arriving into New Zealand, reporting a sound sleep time of about 6 hours. After the nap, however, they had problems falling sleep in subsequent nights. After their first nap, some flight attendants try to adapt to local light conditions, while others prefer to keep the sleep patterns they had back home. Both groups report different trends of sleep quality.
Jet lag, Flight attendants, Sleep patterns, Sleep quality
Lin Bo, Yifan Qiu & Jose D Pérezgonzález (2011). Sleep pattern disruption of flight attendants operating on the Asia – Pacific route. Aviation Education and Research Proceedings, vol 2011, pp 37-42.