Implementing statistics in a diagnostic coaching structure for rugby

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Massey University
Statistics are having an increased influence in the rugby-coaching environment. Many of the statistics used are exposed to changeable match constraints and conditions, reducing the practical significance of these data. Multivariate statistical techniques allow meaningful statistics to be created that can summarise individual performance and negate the variability in match involvement. This increases the power of the statistical tool to coaches by enabling deficient or superior performances to be identified and put into context. The steps required to create a stable measure of overall performance are outlined, before it is shown how this same process can be used to identify inferior/superior performance on single physical tasks. The same simple process of constructing an overall rating and then deconstructing the rating to diagnose the causes of abnormal performance is applicable to other sports, but provides the coach with an easier to use data set that can be explored using graphical techniques.
Rugby coaching, Rugby performance statistics
Bracewell, P. (2002), Implementing statistics in a diagnostic coaching structure for rugby, Research Letters in the Information and Mathematical Sciences, 3, 79-84