Strategy implementation literature review

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The purpose of the Dairy Farm Systems for the Future project is to explore how to identify and design farming systems best suited to the changing environment and farmer circumstances. The approach adopted has been to: • Develop a better understanding by farmers, industry and researchers of possible, plausible future scenarios for dairying • Design and analyse potential farm system alternatives for each of the scenarios • Define a rigorous approach for evaluating farming systems. • Build greater industry capability and collaboration in farm system design & analysis. This is supported by literature reviews on scenario analysis, strategy implementation and modelling approaches for system design and analysis. The first, obviously, will inform the scenario analysis process, provide comparisons of similar studies and examples of what best to do with its outputs; the third is to ensure the most up-to-date methods are used in the modelling based on a comprehensive understanding of previous farm system modelling research. The strategy implementation review, this report, is based on the recognition that best strategy is only ever realised if implemented effectively. It is intended that the farm system design will also include the pathway of how the current system will evolve and the impact of this evolution on both the farm and the wider regional/national stakeholders. This description of the implementation of each strategy will be assisted by the frameworks and guidelines developed in this literature review. The key points when examining the scenarios that have been developed is that they are all plausible, they all represent a significant shift from the status quo, they all involve significant investment and change and that none of these is easy. There are significant strategic risks identified for each scenario so the process of designing and modelling farm systems for each of these scenarios need to take these into account. Strategy formulation of ‘dairy farm systems for the future’ for each scenario will clearly identify the options available and quantify their outcomes, therefore providing useful information for farmers and other stakeholders faced with each situation. While there is much research in both business and farm management literature on strategy formulation and many tools developed to assist in the process, the field of strategy implementation is less well researched. This literature review identifies a range of research, mostly from the business literature, in which academics have developed strategy implementation frameworks and models, some theoretical, some conceptual and tested empirically, others created from empirical work. A number of frameworks and recommendations have evolved since the early 1980s as documented chronologically in this report. The commercial world, for the most part, echoes these recommendations in the ‘best practice’ section of the review. The tool that is best documented both in the business and the farm management literature for strategy implementation is the balanced scorecard; this tool is explored in this review and recommended for use in the ‘dairy farm systems for the future’ design.
strategy iplementation, balanced scorecard, dairy farm systems
2016, pp. 1 - 85