The delusion of green certification the case of green certified office buildings in New Zealand

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Massey University
This paper examines the resultant consequence of Green certification of office buildings in the construction industry. With focus on Auckland city, New Zealand, it analyses various aspects of the modern Green office building through the review of available literature. Firstly, it investiga tes the recent shift in motivation for Green buildings as a result of the crusade for Green office buildings. This is followed by an analysis on the change in office buildings’ façade and indoor environment control measures in the 21st century. It is shown that the motivation for Green buildings has shifted from it being the right thing to do to the quest for financial benefits that are attributed to Green buildings. It is also shown that office buildings have become extensively glazed and highly dependent on artificial air conditioning systems. The consequences of these features are shown to be significant mainly in terms of the inefficient use of energy and indoor environment control dilemma. The effect on occupant comfort and expectations are also illustr ated. This review is part of a research that investigates Green certified office buildings in New Zealand.
Green Office Buildings, Glazing, Green Architecture, Glass Architecture, Air Conditioning
Proceedings of 4th Annual New Zealand Built Environment Research Symposium, 2014, pp. 207 - 225