Aviation Education and Research Conference proceedings "Contemporary Issues in Aviation Education and Research"

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Massey University
‘Contemporary issues in aviation education and research’ is the theme for the inaugural Aviation Education and Research Conference to be held in Blenheim on the 29-30 July as part of the New Zealand Aviation Conference week. The conference is being organised by the Massey University School of Aviation in conjunction with the Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand. “This event is intended as a forum for disseminating research and discussing current issues in aviation, with an emphasis on bridging theory and practice,” says Mr Ashok Poduval, General Manager of the Massey University School of Aviation, “It will also present an opportunity for ‘a meeting of the minds’ for academics and practitioners in the aviation industry.” The two day conference has generated a lot of interest within New Zealand as well as in Australia and the wider international academic community, with many attendees and presenters crossing the Tasman to be part of this event. “We are very pleased with the response,” adds Dr Robert Yaansah, Postgraduate Programmes and Research Coordinator of Massey School of Aviation. “A wide range of papers have been received from academics, representing a good cross section of universities within the Australasia region. Additionally, a number of our PhD Aviation students are presenting papers related to their research. This conference should establish that the region has an academic community with a strong focus on aviation education and research, as good as elsewhere in the world.”