Comparative Endocrine Stress Responses in Vertebrates.

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The intention of this Research Topic is to join experts in endocrinology, anatomy, physiology, and zoology who can provide a contribution on the endocrine stress response of vertebrates or the regulatory responses of vertebrates to stressors, including neural, immune, metabolic or behavioral reactions related to endocrine responses. All vertebrates experience stress. Whilst the endocrine stress response has been well described, not many reviews provide a comparative approach that helps understanding the common bases of the stress response and the differences between groups. Such approach needs to be taken both in terms of comparative responses among vertebrates but also among classes or orders within groups of vertebrates. In addition, recently the endocrine stress response has been increasingly associated with other systemic responses such as immunity, growth, reproduction or behavior and coping strategies, which expands the knowledge on the interactions between physiological systems to build an overall stress response. A third aspect that has not been sufficiently approached so far is a comparative view of stress responses in relation to age. In this Research Topic, the focus will be on studies (including original research, perspectives, minireviews, commentaries and opinion papers) that discuss a comparative approach to the stress responses of vertebrates. The focus includes: -The comparative response of vertebrates to stressors, looking at several groups of vertebrates. -The comparative response of a class or order of a specific group of vertebrates. -The comparative response of a specific genera/species in relation to age, or regarding domestic vs. wild animals. -The array of systemic, molecular and gene responses to stressors that are linked to endocrine responses and that have a role in the overall response. -The comparative response to different types of stressor
Endocrine responses, Glucocorticoids, Stress, Vertebrates
2019, December 2019, pp. ? - ? (122)