Health economics for health professionals: An Aotearoa/New Zealand perspective

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Massey University
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This monograph draws upon lecture notes created for a post graduate health economics course at Massey University New Zealand. The focus of the text is on the practical application of economic concepts to health. The theoretical concepts and examples provided are of particular relevance to a range of health professionals and to the delivery of health services in mixed market economies. The monograph is intended to be a summary of economic concepts relevant to the health sector, it is not intended to replace more detailed and theoretical health economic texts or journal articles. Some specific examples of the types of issues that the application of health economics could help resolve are as follows: • What are the roles of the market and government with respect to improving allocative efficiency and social equity? • How can health care resources be allocated to achieve enhanced health outcomes for a defined population? • How much should New Zealand spend on health? • What health services should the health sector deliver? • How can we improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery? • How do we set priorities in health care provision and delivery? • Who should receive healthcare services? • How can we use the resources devoted to health to best improve the nation’ s health?
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Scott, G. (2016). Health economics for health professionals: An Aotearoa/New Zealand perspective. Palmerston North, New Zealand: Massey University.