A reconfigurable hybrid intelligent system for robot navigation

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Massey University
Soft computing has come of age to o er us a wide array of powerful and e cient algorithms that independently matured and in uenced our approach to solving problems in robotics, search and optimisation. The steady progress of technology, however, induced a ux of new real-world applications that demand for more robust and adaptive computational paradigms, tailored speci cally for the problem domain. This gave rise to hybrid intelligent systems, and to name a few of the successful ones, we have the integration of fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and neural networks. As noted in the literature, they are signi cantly more powerful than individual algorithms, and therefore have been the subject of research activities in the past decades. There are problems, however, that have not succumbed to traditional hybridisation approaches, pushing the limits of current intelligent systems design, questioning their solutions of a guarantee of optimality, real-time execution and self-calibration. This work presents an improved hybrid solution to the problem of integrated dynamic target pursuit and obstacle avoidance, comprising of a cascade of fuzzy logic systems, genetic algorithm, the A* search algorithm and the Voronoi diagram generation algorithm.
Soft computing, Robotics, Robot navigation, Hybrid fuzzy logic, Genetic algorithm
Reyes, N.H., Barczak, A.L.C., Fatahillah, Susnjak, T. (2011), A reconfigurable hybrid intelligent system for robot navigation, Research Letters in the Information and Mathematical Sciences, 15, 21-34