Small-world networks, distributed hash tables and the e-resource discovery problem

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Massey University
Resource discovery is one of the most important underpinning problems behind producing a scalable, robust and efficient global infrastructure for e-Science. A number of approaches to the resource discovery and management problem have been made in various computational grid environments and prototypes over the last decade. Computational resources and services in modern grid and cloud environments can be modelled as an overlay network superposed on the physical network structure of the Internet and World Wide Web. We discuss some of the main approaches to resource discovery in the context of the general properties of such an overlay network. We present some performance data and predicted properties based on algorithmic approaches such as distributed hash table resource discovery and management. We describe a prototype system and use its model to explore some of the known key graph aspects of the global resource overlay network - including small-world and scale-free properties.
Resource discovery, Semantic metadata, Metadata, Semantic web, Cloud computing, Distributed hash tables
Leist, A., Hawick, K.A. (2010), Small-world networks, distributed hash tables and the e-resource discovery problem, Research Letters in the Information and Mathematical Sciences, 14, 1-16