Earning expected benefits of ERP for insurance organisations in Sri Lanka: Implementation perspective

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There are many complains around sustainability of the benefits of Insurance ERP implementations in Sri Lanka. The reason is mainly due to lack of expected benefits from these implementations and declining the initially acquired benefits. There could not find any related study in Sri Lankan context. Consequently this research was recognized. This paper describes how to sustain the expected benefits from Insurance ERP implementations in Sri Lanka from the implementation perspective. The outcome would guide prospective implementers and a way to mitigate the risk of huge investments they make. It has three main aims. Firstly to identify important factors that influences gaining sustainable value from such implementations. Secondly find the degree of criticality of such factors for post implementation success and value addition. Finally formulate a guideline to facilitate implementations. The study was based on the data collected from insurance professionals in Sri Lankan insurance industry representing various capacities. There were 24 semi-structured interviews conducted. The analysis of findings was further validated for its criticality through a 32 arguments questionnaire from same respondents and few additional professionals. In addition the information from two real life projects concluded recently was included. The final results were further analyzed with previous literature and developed a guidance using 20 important factors to consider in depth in order to sustain benefits
?, 2014, pp. 1 - 3 (3)