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    Vote Local: Design & Democracy Project
    Kane, K; Parkin, TJ; Robinson, C; Le Bas, T
    VoteLocal is an online tool to help young New Zealanders engage in local elections. It is a game-like questionnaire that guides voters towards the mayoral candidate whose policies and ideals best match up with their own. It provides information directly from the candidates about what they stand for, informs users about what councils do, and debunks any assumptions that they aren’t relevant. Designed with and for 18–24 year olds, VoteLocal sparks conversations about local politics with friends and family. For 2016, VoteLocal focuses on the mayoral races in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington.
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    On The Fence : Design & Democracy Project
    Kane, KW; Parkin, T; Robinson, C; Stowers, K
    On the Fence is a web tool designed to assist young undecided and first-time voters to make informed electoral choices and transform disengaged youth into active civic participants. Users indicate how they feel about a selection of issues statements, to find out which parties or candidates most closely reflect their values. On The Fence is: Social and shareable: sparks conversations about politics Approachable: playful and easy to understand Adaptable and scalable: responsive to culture and context Educational: introduces youth to issues Collaborative: connects to other voter engagement initiatives Responsive: accessible from any device Super smart: innovative algorithm uses expert political analysis responsive to political positioning. Voter participation has been declining in the Western world, particularly amongst young people who don’t see politics as addressing issues they care about and struggle to cut through party-political tribalism, rhetoric and spin. Voter participation has been declining in the Western world, particularly amongst young people who don’t see politics as addressing issues they care about and struggle to cut through party-political tribalism, rhetoric and spin. But young people are far from apathetic: they volunteer, campaign online, want to make a difference and make values-based choices. Young people want non-partisan information about their political options and the confidence that their vote aligns with their values. On the Fence is a proven concept; in New Zealand’s 2014 General Election it was successful in encouraging 30,000 non-voting 18-34 year olds to vote, representing 7% of the total eligible youth population, at a cost of $1.13USD per voter. The New Zealand experience has yielded a wealth of data, insights and user feedback that will contribute to further development of On The Fence in an international context. We have assembled a team of expert designers, web developers, and researchers, and are partnering with Stanford University as we look to scale up for the US. On The Fence is a product of the Design & Democracy Project, a research unit at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts (New Zealand) with a track-record of enhancing the role that design and design thinking has to play in 21st century citizenship. The team is built around a core group of researchers, advisors and mentors from the University. We work in partnership with industry, Government, and the social sector to harness the technology that has made it easier than ever to access information, connect, and communicate ideas, in order to re-engage citizens with the political process. For the On The Fence initiative, the Design & Democracy Project is working in partnership with Springload, a pioneering New Zealand web design and user experience agency equipped to deliver mission-critical projects at scale. The Project is situated within Massey University’s Open Lab, a space established to harness and develop the design expertise of students and graduates via active collaboration between academia and business.
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    Western Australia Symphony Orchestra, 2014
    O'Sullivan, A; Chilcott, B
    I was commissioned by Western Australian designer Becky Chilcott to design and produce hand printed typographic artwork for the branding and design promotion for the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra 2014 season. The interaction of the players with historic and often metal instruments and classical music was the conceptual inspiration for the use of hand stenciled historic brass letter forms. I stippled the letters using a stencil brush and acrylic ink to create a sense of the hand made. My collaborator scanned and digitally incorporated the letters into a modern design context for production. It was widely disseminated in a number of media. The work was reviewed by the commissioning committee for the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra. August 2013
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    Agent Provocateur #1, Agent Provocateur #2, Agent Provocateur #3, Focus
    Macgregor, H; Blas, Z; Bridle, J; Cirio, P; Denny, S; Lozano-Hemmer, R; Pater, R; Te Tau, T
    The Surveillance Awareness Bureau (SAB) created a space for critical discussion about systems of surveillance, and awareness of the issues around privacy, liberty, control and abuse they raised at this time. Featuring some of the alternatives proposed by artists, designers, scholars and journalists, this temporary office aimed to highlight the tension and risks between seeing and not seeing the effects of technologies, and the vulnerability of humans in a space of "control framed by usual unawareness". Produced and curated by Modelab, the project brought together a range of international and New Zealand contributors with a public programme: Hemi Macgregor (NZ), Simon Denny (Venice Biennale), Terri Te Tau (NZ), Zach Blas (USA), James Bridle (UK), Paolo Cirio (IT/USA), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MEX), and Ruben Pater (NL). I re-exhibitied four works from 'Remote Control' (NRO 2). 'Agent Provocateur #1', 'Agent Provocateur #2', 'Agent Provocateur #3' and 'Focus'.
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    Separated system
    (2014-04-06) Tookey LM
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    Black milk
    (Granta, 2016-07-01) Makereti T; Neima, L
    In partnership with the Commonwealth Writers, Granta is publishing the regional winners of the 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, beginning with Tina Makereti’s ‘Black Milk’ – the winning entry from the Pacific.
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    The Inventions of Light / Les inventions de la lumière
    Bachler B; Audette, M; Blanchard, P; Bouchard, D; Colangelo, D; Davila, P; Dean, M; Devitt Tremblay, J; Edelberg, B; Slopek, E; Snow, M; Don Snyder
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    Tattoo Stories Exhibition Publication by Helen Mitchell.
    Tattoo Stories connects two cultures by comparing similarities and differences in tattoo culture in New Zealand and Hong Kong through an edit of twenty images, ten from each region and the use of narrative audio elements accessed through QR codes in the exhibition publication.
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    Between Zero and One
    Maxwell W
    Invited to perform acoustic guitar as part of a global multi-media performance piece composed by John Psathas and members of Strike (Wellington Classical Percussion group).
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    Sharing the Waiwhakaiho
    (2015-02-08) FitzHerbert SJ; Richardson J; Ryan AM; Mansvelt J; Gallagher A