Integrated water quality management in Thailand : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Resource and Environmental Planning, Massey University,

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This thesis analyses the theoretical requirements for an integrated approach to freshwater resource management. The New Zealand and the Thai systems are then compared to understand •variations between the two systems of planning at three different stages - Pre-Implementation, Implementation and Post-Implementation Stages. Finally, recommendations are made for improving the Thai system. The research findings confirm that the New Zealand system measures up to criteria for ensuring sustainable development of freshwater resources. The system provides for planning based on river catchments and a variety of policy instruments may be used to achieve country objectives at all levels in the system. The Thai system provides for planning and developing of policy at national level and some parts of decision-making are delegated to the provincial level. At the implementation stage, the New Zealand system provides for a non-regulatory approach. Whereas, in Thailand, methods of policy implementation based on regulatory approach, are well-developed. At Post­ Implementation stage, the New Zealand system provides for a monitoring system and less severe penalties than Thailand, where the system does not explicitly provide for monitoring, but severe penalties are imposed for deliberate actions to pollute rivers. The findings suggest that the Thai system of water resources management can be improved in a number of ways, but the fragmentation of the planning process is the principle obstacle. Besides that, various future research areas identify which improvements to river water quality management in Thailand are a priority.
New Zealand, Thailand, Water quality management, Law and legislation, Water -- Pollution, Rivers -- Environmental aspects