Recent graduates and the labour market : a study of graduate expectations and experiences in New Zealand : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Studies in Human Resource Management, Massey University

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This research examined graduate transitions from study to work in New Zealand by investigating the expectations, experiences, and satisfaction with early career for three consecutive graduate cohorts. It was timely, in light of increasing participation in tertiary education; a national emphasis on the development of a learning society and lifelong learning; and the unpredictable and highly competitive labour market in New Zealand. Several key findings emerged from this study, notably: graduates encountered significant turbulence in the first eighteen months of their career; and whilst most graduates had entered stable employment, in many instances they were underemployed. The findings challenge the limited nature of current data collection processes for the annual New Zealand Vice Chancellors Committee graduate destinations report. Given the importance, both politically and socially, of the need for accurate reporting, it is essential for the current data collection techniques to be revisited.
New Zealand, College graduates -- Employment, College graduates - Attitudes, Underemployment