A college self review : a report on an Action Research Cycle conducted for the purpose of school improvement : presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Master of Educational Administration, Massey University

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A school self-review: (i) occupies a central role in the development of effective schools and (ii) it is what we do to make sure that all of us who care about schools and pupils know what we are trying to achieve, how we check whether we have met our aspirations and how we use this information for further development. This study is a school self-review which focuses on the requirements (including National Administration Guideline 1, (Ministry of Education, 2000) that relates specifically to learning) that were put in place by the Establishment Board of Trustees of a new school prior to the school opening at the beginning of the 1999 school year, i.e the school's Vision and Guiding Principles. The study uses an action-research cycle to review how well the school has met these standards after a period of two years and will continue to use further action-research cycles to continue the process of review and development. While this review has been initiated and lead by the Principal of the school, the school's staff has been, and continues to be actively involved in the data gathering process and it is envisaged that staff wil be further empowered to complete this first cycle of action-research using the results to drive subsequent action-research cycles. The completed review will be presented to the school's Board of Trustees to provide members with an opportunity to reflect on the development of the school since its opening and to assist with ongoing strategic planning. It is believed that by placing the staff of the school in the role of researchers, the process will lead to increased motivation, collegiality and ownership of the school's vsion and provide a method for ongoing institution-wide site-based school development.
New Zealand, Education -- Evaluation, School management and organisation