A model of social work practice in the New Zealand workplace : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Master in Social Work, Massey University

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This thesis is about the provision of social work services in the New Zealand workplace. A central line of argument is taken which proposes that the workplace, which up to now has been neglected as a site for social work practice, can become an important site for the provision of services. The development of a comprehensive model for occupational social work is the central feature of this thesis. Following the development of the model it is field tested in a case study involving a large employer. Located in the context of the development of New Zealand industrial relations, this thesis reviews the objections which have been raised when social workers become involved with a profit making organisation. Future possibilities for a specialised field of practice are proposed, making this thesis an early contribution to an analysis of the social work role in this setting.
New Zealand, Welfare work in industry, Social service, Employee assistance programs