A computer-based application to understanding marketing plans : the Bridges' marketing plan flow chart : a research report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Business Administration at Massey University

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The scene is the Jelita Cold Storage supermarket, 1983. The refridgerated display shelves still contain many bottles of New Zealand milk. There are gaps were the cartons of Australian milk stood. A glance at the price tags reveals the reason: New Zealand milk, $5.99; Australian milk, $3.05. Now, walk over to the meat department. Small Australian flags decorate the fare. A request for New Zealand lamb sends the assistant scuttling out the back to search. Finally, move over to the fruit stand plastered with large posters of New Zealand apples. Underneath, the apples are French. Why? There have been no shipments of New Zealand apples for several months. This shopping expedition was concluded with a trip to the Trade Commissioner at the New Zealand High Commission. The questions: - Why are New Zealand's goods priced so high compared with competitors? - Why are New Zealands products not attractively displayed? and - Why aren't advertising efforts and supply deliveries better co-ordinated? brought a surprised, "We don't need to market. Everyone knows our products are the best!".
Marketing, Management, Mathematical models, Marketing research