An evaluation of two alcohol education courses in a military setting : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Massey University

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An evaluation of two alcohol education courses conducted in a military setting for a supposedly "high risk" group in terms of alcohol related problems, formed the basis of the present study. The two courses differed in length (3 x 2 hour lessons, 2 x 2 hour lessons), and comprized a combination of lecture, film, question-answer and discussion group instructional methods. Pre and post questionnaire responses of the two groups of course participants (n = 28,26) and of a control group (n = 28) were analysed. In addition a follow-up measure was taken of one group of participants four months after programme completion. Results indicated a significant gain in the course participants' knowledge as a result of the programme, but no change in attitudes, or skills-related responses. Despite a small positive post course reaction to the programme, the subjects self-reported alcohol consumption remained unaffected by the course, and on average placed the sample in the top 35% of the New Zealand population in terms of self-reported alcohol consumption. These results were considered to be reflective of the theoretical and practical distances between the concepts and processes of education, prevention and evaluation, by the present author.
New Zealand, Alcoholism, Alcohol and military personnel