Job creation schemes and the capitalist state : Marxist analysis of job creation schemes, 1890-1912 and 1930-1935 : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Sociology at Massey University

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Massey University
This thesis seeks to understand Job creation schemes. It utilises a realist-Marxist methodology and a theoretical model based upon the work of Jessop (1982). These conceptual tools are applied to the investigation of the Co-operative Works Scheme and relief work from the 1890-1912 period, and the No 5 Scheme and the Camp Scheme from the 1930-35 period. The central thrust of the thesis is that these state interventions can only be understood as the outcome of the interaction between political relations and the state. This approach runs contrary to mainstream work on job creation schemes which focus on the relationship between state intervention and the nature of unemployment. A major concern of this thesis is to develop and apply a coherent model within which Marxist analyses of the state and state interventions may take place.
New Zealand, Social policy, Employment stabilization, Manpower policy