The repertoire of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 1951-2000 : analysis and comparison with four leading overseaes orchestra : a thesis meeting the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Music at Massey University, Wellington

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The publicly-performed repertoire of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is assembled and analysed for the period 1951-2000. The data is organised in spreadsheets, in a manner allowing analysis from numerous standpoints:- repertoire diversity; composition period; programme structure; regional origin; individual composer contributions; item categories; representation of New Zealand compositions; conductor and other influences on programme choice. These are displayed over 5- and 10-year performance periods, or as developing trends. To position the orchestra in the international context, and provide additional data for assessment of the adopted analysis methods, the equivalent data for four leading overseas orchestras (the New York, Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics, and the Manchester Hallé) were similarly assembled and combined with the New Zealand data; these provide both similarities and contrasts. In respect of composition period, the New Zealand orchestra provided a very stable distribution from the Classical period onwards, with steady incorporation of repertoire from the period 1951-2000. Although the size of the data set is smaller than those of the New York, Berlin and Manchester orchestras the diversity with respect to composers is superior. But performances of New Zealand compositions were overall very infrequent.
Orchestral music -- Bibliography, New Zealand, Symphony orchestras, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra