A study of the financial returns to process pea growers in Hawke's Bay : a thesis presented at Massey University of Manawatu in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science

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This study stemmed initially from discussions between New Zealand farmers concerning the economics of growing certain agricultural crops for food processing. These discussions lead directly to one main problem which may be outlined within a two-fold objective namely: (1) To determine the profitability of growing green peas for food processing, and (2) To assess cost accounting and linear programming as methods for farm management analysis. Within their National Federation, growers of food processing crops found the support and finance to conduct an economic investigation to provide them with information concerning the costs associated with producing their main crop, peas. Further information was required in the form of the extent of the price fall of peas in relation to existing prices, which could be absorbed by growers before new production alternatives would have to be considered as replacements for the pea crop. The present study stems, then, from the felt needs of farmers producing peas for processing. [FROM INTRODUCTION]
New Zealand -- Hawke's Bay, Peas -- Economic aspects, Peas -- Marketing, Agriculture