A study of the automobile driver and traffic accidents in relation to biographic, attitudinal and personality factors : submitted in partial fulfullment of the requirements for the degree of M.A., Psychology Department, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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'When you rise from your book, probe into what you have learned, to discover whether there is in it anything you can translate into reality.' Nahmanides 'These, gentlemen, are the opinions on which I base my facts.' The origin of this statement is uncertain but, without doubt, it should be repeated again and again in respect of any work which professes to be objective (Smith, 1968). Facts speak through an interpreter and are subject to his wishes. The facts of this research have been presented and interpretations made which are, of course, subject to further differing interpretations depending on the light and particular angle from which the facts have been viewed. Thus, any interpretations made of the facts are debatable and open to dispute. In this study an attempt has been made to blend science and art with a flourish of ingenious subtlety to create a unified and compatible entity in an effort to render this work in a form palatable and digestible not only for the esoteric already initiated into this area of traffic accident research but also that it may whet the appetite and have interest for those desiring to commence such an acquaintance. The general aim has been to captivate the reader's interest and enthusiasm not by detracting from the facts but rather by enhancing them with the infusion of lighter touches into the weighty, life and death issue of road traffic accidents being dealt with. [FROM PREFACE]
Automobile drivers, Traffic accidents