The use of a computer for the analysis and evaluation of farm development plans : a thesis ... for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science in Farm Management

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New Zealand's economy has always been heavily dependent upon the farming industry to provide export income. Foreign exchange has been required mainly to finance the import of raw materials for secondary industry which provides employment for much of New Zealand's labour force. In the early 1960's the population was increasing rapidly. More export income was required to pay for additional raw materials needed for the expanding secondary industry labour force. It was apparent, however, that export income could be appreciably increased only by raising the volume of agricultural exports. This led to suggestions in 1963 that a conference be organised to inquire into further agricultural development. Following these suggestions, the Government that same year convened the Agricultural Development Conference¹ Hereinafter referred to as Conference. with the Order of Reference "to indicate what increases in the production of meat, wool and dairy produce were practicable and desirable over the next two, five and ten years and to recommend measures for achieving them".² "Report: Agricultural Development Conference 1963-64", Government Printer, Wellington, February 1966. [From Introduction]
Farm management, Mathematical models, Agriculture, Data processing