An airport for Wellington : factors influencing the development of the Wellington International Airport at Rongotai : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the degree of Master of Philosophy in History at Massey University

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Air transport services have four main components - aircraft, runways with the corresponding handling facilities on the ground, the system installed to ensure safety of the aircraft in flight, and staff to operate the service. This study will focus on the provision of landing and take off grounds and airport facilities for aircraft operating at Wellington up to the opening of the Wellington International Airport in 1959. Reference will be made in passing to aircraft and their needs because airports must be designed to cater for their requirements. Reference will also be made, but only briefly, to the services needed to provide for safety, such as radar and weather forecasting. Aircraft operated at Rongotai from 1911, but little air activity occurred for many years. In 1934, an investigation was undertaken to select a site for an airport to serve Wellington, and Rongotai was recommended but many years were to elapse before the Wellington International Airport was opened in 1959. Prior to this, Wellington was served by a variety of facilities - Rongotai aerodrome, a twin airport complex of Rongotai and Paraparaumu, Paraparaumu alone as an interim airport while the Wellington International Airport was under consideration and construction, and the flying boat base at Evans Bay. [From introduction]
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