Haja : incorporating Aghani Al-Banat into a Western popular music recording project : an exegesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Massey University
The purpose of this exegesis is firstly to provide historical and cultural context for the collaboration via the works of key scholars who have researched Aghani Al-Banat. Secondly, it provides an overview of the production process – demonstrating how crosscultural collaboration took place, as well as the technologies and creative processes I used. In doing so it also provides insights into my own personal creative and spiritual journey. In Section one of this exegesis I will explore the cultural context and relevance of Aghani Al-Banat as a musical form and the accompanying Subhia dance in modern Sudanese society by referencing studies from Saadia I. Malik’s 2003 thesis ‘Exploring Aghani Al-Banat’ and via that also El-Tahir’s ‘History of Music in the Sudan’ and Sikainga’s ‘Slaves into Workers’. I will then trace the history of the music itself, it’s relationship to the existing class structure and the cultural environment from which it stems. To do this I will explore the overall history of Sudan, it’s colonization, the re-gaining of it’s independence and its current system of government and religious practices. Section two will cover the project’s production techniques, from the recording of the Aghani Al-Banat musicians in Khartoum through to the collaboration process with contemporary NZ artists. To give further insight into the production of the album I will go into detailed case studies of two entirely different tracks off the album from their inception through to their completion. Finally, I will give my conclusions as to what I have learnt during this process, what I would perhaps do differently next time and what contributions the final result of this project make to music and culture in New Zealand (and further abroad)--Exegesis Overview
Folk music -- Sudan, Women singers -- Sudan, Women -- Sudan, Sudan -- Social life and customs, Sudan -- Songs and music, Popular music -- New Zealand -- Foreign influences, Sound -- Recording and reproducing -- New Zealand