Effects of Farmers' Goals on Strategic Marketing Decisions: A Study of Fruit Farmers in Chanthaburi Province of Thailand

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Political Science Association of Kasetsart University
Strategic marketing decisions (SMDs) of farmers are essential elements in response to the worldwide transformation of agri-food marketing systems. Generally, SMDs are made in regards to the goals that need to be accomplished. This paper aims to analyse the relationship between farmers' goals and SMDs of fruit farmers in Thailand. It is a quantitative survey study with 216 fruit farmer respondents. Nineteen goal statements based on extensive literature review and the results of the pilot study were developed. The survey data was analysed by using the principal component analysis (PCA) that grouped the farmers' goals into four factors, i.e. effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and self-sufficiency. These factors were then tested based on their effects on the SMDs by using a logistic regression. The results suggested that farmers who participated in high-value markets were usually more market oriented, while farmers who utilised traditional marketing channels were usually production oriented. The results are informative to policy makers and industry stakeholders in fulfilling the complex goals of farmers as they are a key part in success of the fruit industry in Thailand.
Farmers' Goals, Fruit Farmer, Strategic Marketing Decisions, Thailand
Asian Administration and Management Review, 2018, January-June 2018, 1 (1), pp. 123 - 137