Health and health promotion and applied health psychology in sexual and stigmatized minority populations : a collection of papers and a monograph presented in application for the degree of Doctor of Science at Massey University

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In a career lifetime of working in both universities and in and with health departments, my work in applied psychology has dealt with stigmatized sexual minorities (particularly MSM) in many countries and settings, including before, during, and after the main impact of the AIDS epidemic (which in many locations and populations is still epidemic or in a subsequent “wave”). Applied health psychology must of necessity make use of many opportunities that cannot be planned in advance, or of situations where study of stigmatized groups is both dangerous (for them and for researchers) and difficult. The unifying theme in this DSc is the stigmatized minority group, the stigmatized disease, and the stigmatized setting. Massey University provided the training for the first “bookend” of my career at its beginning, and this dissertation as the second “bookend” some 45 years later of a career of surprises, opportunities, and challenges – some of the better parts of which are reflected in these pages.
This Doctor of Science comprises a number of published works, listed in the attached file. As such due to copyright restriction they are not included here but can be accessed individually from the publisher. The author's Curriculum Vitae has been redacted from the attached file for privacy reasons.
Prisoners, Medical care, Health and hygiene