Performance excellence and strategy deployment : a framework for implementing strategic initiatives : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Production Technology at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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This qualitative research addressed the question of how managers in organizations implement strategy in a performance excellence (quality management) environment. The work included identification of several strategy deployment constructs, and verification of the constructs from case studies of seven diverse organizations via in-depth, semi-structured interviews, observations and documentation analysis. The unit of analysis for each case study was a strategic initiative the organization was implementing. The constructs are titled: communicating the initiative: achieving buy-in; aligning implementation; learning; creating the infrastructure for deployment; understanding the business drivers; and identifying deployment options. By working with participants from a network of benchmarking organizations, leading practices in deployment were identified from the case studies, literature and Quality Award winners' applications. The constructs were corroborated by a review of the strategy deployment literature and from functional management disciplines that relate to the constructs. Linkages were found between the constructs, and a strategy deployment framework was developed that incorporates the constructs and the linkages between them. The proposed framework has a greater range of applications than previous strategy deployment models. It is relevant to organizations independent of their structure or ownership (public or private sector), their industry sector or the type of technology employed. It reflects the complex and dynamic processes that occur during the implementation of a strategic initiative. While many previous models of strategy deployment were linear (sequential) in nature, the research has developed a non-linear framework approach by which these complexities may he better understood by both researchers and practitioners, as well as presenting practical implications for managers.
Content removed due to copyright restrictions: Saunders, M & Mann, R. (2002) Organisational performance measurement and improvement: Recent developments and the New Zealand context. Official Newsletter of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality, 19 (9), 5-11
Strategic planning, Quality management