Bloom : don't play with your food, play with your pliable tableware : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Products are often designed to encourage mass consumption through improved product function and/ or following aesthetic trends. When the main intent of a corporation is to sell products, designing for emotional intent and lasting product attachment is often neglected. However, designing for emotions through tactile connection can be a tool for product durability, significantly benefitting the user and the manufacturer downstream. Tableware is comprised of functional pieces of homeware that, when interacted with daily and over a prolonged period, can become mundane. Therefore this research seeks to use design to transform this potentially mundane interaction into a mindful, multi-sensorial experience to prolong the lifespan of tableware and enrich the eating experience. An iterative, practise-based process produced a pliable food vessel that increases our emotional experience in both individual and shared dining scenarios by activating an enjoyable haptic experience.
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