Cover to cover : an examination of book covers : a thesis submitted to Massey University in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Education

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Cover to cover is a study involving the book covers of two books. Mason Durie’s book Ngā Kāhui Pou - Launching Māori Futures and Linda Smith’s Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples. Each book cover is analysed to find out whether academics should consider their book cover as important. The research explores the two book covers in this study to find out how the covers authenticate the author. However, the main focus is how the covers represent the book’s content. The publishing process through its practice is explored to understand why it is important for academics particularly Māori academics to take responsibility for their book covers. Arguing that book covers are as important as textual content, the research shows how a Māori centred approach to what gets on the cover has cognisance with the Māori centred book content.
Book covers, Visual design, Maori, Book cover design, Mason Durie, Ngā kāhui pou : launching Māori futures, Linda Smith, Research and indigenous peoples