A structured approach for integrated emergency management planning and response for pre-declaration emergencies : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Emergency Management, 130.899 at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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This thesis study arose from the need to develop a disaster plan for St John Southern Region. To facilitate this, a multiagency approach began in 1999 with all the emergency services, local authorities, regional councils, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management to prepare a predeclaration CDEM integrated response plan to link between routine emergencies and CDEM declarations. This planning process continues currently in 2006 under the guise of the Otago Southland Emergency Planning Group (OSEPG). Books, periodicals, emergency management articles sourced from both publishers, occurred from Massey University, the Police College Emergency Management collection and also Internet searches. The review was split between New Zealand authors and international authors. The review sought comparisons between integrated emergency management planning, interagency training considerations, response issues and incident management systems used to manage emergencies. These reviews allowed a comparison to research findings generated by this thesis. This thesis aims to develop policies to encourage integrated planning and response for predeclaration events. It also aims to demonstrate a process to integrate the response of diverse agencies and compares the Coordinated Incident Management System with the Otago Southland Emergency Planning Group planning and response arrangements. Information for the study was derived from developmental notes associated with the OSEPG, literature reviews and Internet comparative studies along with interviews with all the agencies participants associated with the OSEPG during the last seven years to obtain a comparative analysis. This thesis is not about the management of disasters, but is a planning emphasis for pre-CDEM events. A structure for integrated predeclaration planning is explained along with facets of the planning framework that has been operationalised in some sectors to integrate various levels of operational planning and response between some of the emergency services and rural communities. This thesis states that integrated planning and response as well as diversification of response resources at major incidents are advantageous to pre-CDEM declaration events. This thesis has demonstrated the worthiness of having planning processes for pre-declaration emergencies. Forums such as the OSEPG have proven it is possible to enhance the planning and response continuum between routine and declared emergencies i.e. pre-declaration emergencies.
Disaster planning, Incident management, Otago Southland Emergency Planning Group, Emergency management