A model for deep geothermal brines : state space description and thermodynamic properties : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Ph.D. in Mathematics at Massey University

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Massey University
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To facilitate the simulation of heat and fluid transport in deep geophysical environments, this thesis proposes correlations for calculation of density, enthalpy and viscosity values for brine (H2O + NaCl) over a wide range of temperature T, pressure p and mass fraction of sodium chloride X. Although geothermal fluids are not pure H2O-NaCl systems, they are mainly composed of H2O and NaCl and in this thesis we model geothermal fluids as brines. Firstly T-p-X state space delineations of such a model fluid are described. Then using experimental and calculated data, approximate correlations for the three properties are given in terms of the primary variables T, p and X. These correlations cover the entire T-p-X state space and can be used in subroutines suitable for use in numerical simulation programs. The case of one-dimensional, steady vertical flows is described and our correlations for the state space delineations and the thermodynamic properties are tested on such flows.
Geothermal brines, Mathematical models