A psychological map of original enterprise : coding innovator behaviour : thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Massey University

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Massey University
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This study explores the concept of original enterprise as a fundamental dimension of human behaviour. Based on biographical case histories, the thesis seeks to map innovative behaviour displayed by 100 cases of male and female outstanding creative personalities in the domains of commerce, literature, music, science and creative arts. A code scoring system identifies innovative behaviour from selected biographical cases including their soci-economic antecedents, childhood experiences, basic personality traits, the process of achievement, eight forms of obsessive behaviour, emotions, actions and finally pathologies of varying degrees of severity. A complex statistical analysis explored the basic dimensions of original enterprise as a congruence or synthesis of all dimensions, quite independent of the original particular domain investigated. In other words, this study was involved in a search for basic dimensions behind the particular emanation of enterprise - a behavioural map. Mapping as a central construct in this study led to the deduction of three research objectives and a consequential observation which were examined at known levels of statistical significance and consequent proofs. It must be observed the thesis is a description only of original innovator behaviour. It does not satisfactorily explain this phenomenum. Such a complex enquiry would not be possible based solely on biographical information. To date, to the author's knowledge, no comprehensive explanation of original enterprise is available to social science. This study is the beginning of a search for fundamental behavioural constructs which may exist behind the singular events which exhibit original creative enterprise A post-doctoral enquiry is planned to follow this exploratory study, of possible importance both to commerce and future creative endeavours.
Creative ability, Psychological aspects, Gifted persons, Psychology, Human resource management