A farm management study of four farms supplying town milk in the Palmerston North Milk District : a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science in the University of New Zealand

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Farm management is concerned with decisions on the individual farms. Farms are complex organizations, each one is unique in many respects. Each uses variable resources, with diverse purposes behind their use. Any farm study dealing with decisions of farm operation should therefore treat farms on an individual and dynamic basis. To achieve this scope a study must use a logical approach to obtain information regarding decisions on resource use. A study of this type must consider certain broad farm management principles which a farmer considers, either consciously or unconsciously when making decisions. However, before any understanding of how these principles apply, background knowledge of factors which influence how they work must be known. These consist of national and local economic factors, together with physical factors of climate, soil, and topography. An understanding of the specific resources available to an individual farmer and his aims and purposes must also be known. The integration of the principles of farm management with this background provides the basis on which decisions rest, and therefore is fundamental, both to the making and understanding of decisions.
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Dairy farms, Palmerston North, Dairy farming, Farm management