Ora ai te mana o te whānau, inā kōrero Māori? = What is the link between te reo Māori and mana whānau or whānau empowerment? : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Māori at Massey University, [Manawatu], New Zealand

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This research project aims to ascertain whether the utilisation of te reo Maori within whanau is an empowering instrument regarding mana whanau inclusive of whanau wellbeing. It explores how immersion within the Maori language influences these whanau participants, and how this lifestyle choice contributes toward wellbeing of whanau and their sense of empowerment. Underpinned by a Kaupapa Maori approach (Smith, 1997), that utilises varying tikanga Maori concepts (Mead, 1996) as guidelines. The overall intention of this project is to provide further information which may potentially assist with attempts to examine the resilience of whanau from an individual and collective perspective. The main outcome from this study is the potential for whanau to identify that te reo Maori is a positive communication technique which enhances whanau and their whanau wellbeing; achieved by a new awareness of the positive influences facilitated by engagement in te reo Maori. This may in turn increase whanau capacity for self development. A further justification of this research is that it will further develop the total immersion Maori lifestyle evidence base, and explore linkages between the use of the Maori language and whanau wellbeing in more detail.
Maori language, Maori family relationships, Reo Māori, Whanau