Fingering strategies in the Prelude of J. S. Bach's sixth suite for solo cello : a dissertation submitted to Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington in partial fulfilment of the degree of Masters of Musical Arts in Classical Performance

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The introduction of this exegesis presents a brief history of Bach’s cello suites, explores the relevance and reliability of the manuscript sources and discusses the intended five-stringed instrument for Suite No. 6. Part One compares and contrasts the fingering patterns within selected extracts from eleven different editions of the Prelude. It examines the varying interpretations and takes into account the fingering choices that have been adopted in the publications. Part Two of this exegesis comprises this author’s version of the Prelude. This incorporates the technically and musically convincing fingering patterns found from the research in prior parts of this study, as well as using the author’s own knowledge of cello pedagogy. The ultimate purpose of this research is to provide a comprehensive and informed version in which challenges of playing this movement are largely minimised.
Accompanied by video clips of recitals, available with hard copy in the Library
Cello fingering, Cello music methods, Music interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc), History and criticism, Johann Sebastian Bach