'Dammed by diversion' : the Tongariro Power Development Project and the clash between conservation and development, 1955-1983 : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Arts in History at Massey University

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This thesis examines the clash of values between Conservation and Development. To examine this the Tongariro Power Development Project is used as an example of the ongoing struggle between the two perspectives. The first chapter explores the development of Hydro-electricity as the premier energy source in New Zealand. The rise of hydro-electricity was not plain sailing, attitudes waxed and waned over time. The second chapter discusses the growth of concern for conservation and how it ultimately came to a head to head clash with hydro-electric development. Chapter three describes the Tongariro Development, explaining exactly what was constructed and the reasons for this. Chapter four discusses the debate over the Tongariro Development. The government anticipated some criticism, but the chapter argues they were off the mark with their planning. They did not expect the widespread negative reaction which is explored in chapter four. Chapter five links these early protests with challenges to the Tongariro Development in the planning tribunals. A conclusion suggests that the Tongariro Development remains a live and contested issue.
Hydroelectric power plants, Nature conservation, Stream conservation, Tongariro power development project, Hydro-electricity