For love not money : volunteers in New Zealand museums : a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Museum Studies at Massey University

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This study was undertaken to begin to better understand the extent of the volunteer work force, the interface between volunteers and paid staff and the role each plays in New Zealand museums. An introductory chapter outlines the scope and structure of the thesis, followed by a chapter giving a brief historical background to New Zealand museums and commenting on contemporary issues. Research for the study was conducted through a postal survey and four case studies. The results of the questionnaire survey are reported, providing a picture of the extent, nature and demography of museum volunteers, together with data on the various tasks which they undertake. The case studies describe the management of volunteers at four Auckland museums and identify areas of strength and weakness. The results of the survey are discussed in context with the case studies and the literature review. The concluding chapter identifies the need for further research on the demography of volunteers at New Zealand museums, makes recommendations for more effective volunteer management and suggests future research questions which will provide the New Zealand museum profession with greater understanding of, and insight into, the many contributions of the unpaid work force.
Volunteer workers in museums, Museums, New Zealand, Museum administration, Personnel management, Museum volunteers