Teachers' perspectives on classroom management : confidence, strategies, and professional development : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Educational Psychology at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

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This study utilised a survey methodology; soliciting teachers’ perceptions of classroom behaviour management, probing their sense of confidence, defining strategies used and professional development experiences. High attrition rates in the first five years of teaching appear largely attributable to emotional exhaustion relating to a perception of an inability to cope with behavioural challenges within the classroom. There are many studies focused on this emotional exhaustion and extensive studies and theories regarding behavioural problems in students. This study, however aimed to provide data on a largely overlooked gap in understanding teachers' perspectives on classroom behaviour management. How confident teachers feel, which strategies they believe useful and additionally the desirability of professional development in this area. A response was received from 200 teachers of year 1 to year 4 classes. Of these 200 teachers, 110 completed the entire survey and it is these responses that this study is based on. The results of this survey indicate a requirement for a comprehensive classroom behaviour management programme to be utilised (particularly for teacher trainees). This type of training can assist in ensuring that positive reinforcing skills and strategies are enabled to provide the best possible learning environment for students and teacher alike.
Classroom management, Teachers, Training, New Zealand