Filmic space : reverie and matter : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master in Design at Massey University

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Filmic Space: Reverie and Matter is an exploration of how to provoke emotive qualities into interior space through filmic and digital techniques. It proposes that emotions can be evoked spatially into the interior realm. This research, which has been worked through a design process, consists of three spatial sites. The space of a film is analysed through details and views of the film, which provoke the emotions of its audience. The space of a place (a gallery) is analysed to explore how we can rethink the privacy of imagination and the temporal nature of emotions in a physical condition. The space of digital virtuality is studied for its ability to reproduce a material, water, into an immaterial form as a digital design work. These studies establish the fourth site, the space of an installation, where a film, a place and an element, water, merge in a full-bodied experience. The final exploration, the space of text, documents and reflects upon the whole research project. The emotive qualities of Filmic Space: Reverie and Matter interweave in the form of creative writing, which expresses personal feelings and emotions about a film, a place and the process of designing. Each site privileges the subjective over the objective. And like emotions provoked by bodies of water, the real can only be felt.
Space (Art), Emotions in art, Art installations