A study to examine the importance of forecast accuracy to supply chain performance, the ocntributing factors and the improvement enablers in practice : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

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Forecast accuracy plays a critical role in supply chain performance. Various researches have studied this topic from different angles, inspired by these studies, objectives are set up to investigate the recognition of the importance of forecast accuracy in supply chain performance in practice, identify the contributing factors and improvement enablers recognised in practice. This research attempts to comprehensively examine the findings and conclusions that are drawn from literatures in the real supply chain environment, at the same time aims to discover good practices as well as issues from the supply chain practice for future studies, and provides recommendations to the practitioners based on findings and conclusions from both literature review and this research. An exploratory research approach utilizing a combined quantitative and qualitative method has been taken. The research starts with an on-line questionnaire, then complemented by follow up telephone interviews subject to the candidates’ willingness to participate. Information collected through the survey and interviews are analysed using different Excel tools and methods, conclusions and recommendations are then drawn based on the findings and discussions. It has been concluded that the importance of forecast accuracy for supply chain performance has been well recognized in practice. The contributing factors and improvement enablers identified from the literature review have been commonly acknowledged by the practitioners, however, the level of understanding on these subjects varied among these businesses, and different opinions and approaches have also been discovered. In some cases, actions taken to seek improvement are well lagging behind. Furthermore, new views, fresh ideas, good practices, issues and constraints are also revealed through this research. Recommendation based on both literature review and the research findings are then made to the practitioners. At the same time, suggestions are given for future studies.
Forecast accuracy, Supply chain performance